April meeting minutes.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Members present – Tracie McComb, Scotti Pennypacker, Erin Giannone, Megan Dovin, Jenelee Williams, Danielle Caviness, Michael Caviness, Don Conning.

1. Call to order – 7:05pm

2. Approval of minutes – Jenelee made a motion to approve the minutes from the February meeting. 2nd – Scotti. Motion passed unanimously.

3. Reports of officers and standing committees

A. Treasury Report- Don

  • Discussed Deposits & Payments.
  • One check came back for insufficient funds.
  • Balance in general fund-$3,865.13
  • Total Balance-$23, 100.62

B. Sports of All Sorts – Meg

  • Last week just under 100 envelopes came in from the mailing. Approximately 130 tickets were sold from that group of envelopes.
  • Danielle forwarded the baseball roster. Tickets will be handed out shortly to the teams.
  • Jenelee has offered to help with the handing out envelopes to the families, as well as helping to coordinate the event.
  • Advertising will start in May.
  • Looking for people to volunteer for the day of the raffle.
  • Jenelee made a motion to replace the Dovin’s tent that was damaged by the high winds at last year’s raffle event. Don-2nd. Motion passed unanimously.

C. PTO – Scotti (for Chris)

  • Scotti is looking into getting volunteers from her church to help with field clean-up for baseball.
  • XNG: still interested in doing some type of donation for baseball, possibly fencing or sponsorship.
  • Spring Fair is all set for Saturday, April 14th. Scotti followed up with donors for raffle baskets.

D. Safety Coordinator – Danielle

  • Moving AED machine to baseball fields.
  • Need battery & new pads (adult & pediatric sizes) for one of the machines. $69.00 adult & $38.00 for pediatric, $250 battery.
  • Tracie motion to purchase battery & needed pads if 3rd unit works. Don-2nd. Motion passed.

4. Unfinished Business

A. Baseball – Danielle

  • Two kids signed-ups this week.
  • July 8th game with Rumble ponies. Kids will be on the field and run bases. $7 a ticket.
  • Finalizing league schedules.
  • Looking for donations from businesses for All-Stars’ team sponsorships.
  • Field clean-up Sat, April 14th starting at 8am.
  • Team moms: trying to find moms for 2 teams, everyone else is all set.
  • Diamond dirt is ordered and will be delivered in time to work with on clean-up day.
  • New equipment was ordered: bat, balls, helmets, etc.
  • Banners are selling well.
  • All teams are sponsored.
  • The field groomer has been painted and repaired by Kevin Nagy.
  • Girls clinic fell through. Trying to reschedule.
  • Clearances need to be completed.
  • JP Reilly donated a skid steer and man to run it on clean-up day.
  • 2nd clean-up day is April 21st and starts at 8am.
  • Code of conduct banners will be hung on fences at baseball fields.
  • Approval of flyer for bonanza. Same as last year except for date change. Tracie – motion. Scotti-2nd. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Bonanza will be on June 2nd and starts at 9 am.
  • Tracie motion to purchase a $250 gift card for Kyle (pitching clinic). Jenelee-2nd. Motion passed.

5. New Business

A. Generator

  • Mr. Meehan arranged to have it fixed. Jim Mordovancey fixed the generator and donated his time.

B. Port-A-Johns

  • Don will order to have delivered for next week.
  1. Scholarship
  • Looking to revise scholarship application.
  • Motion by Tracie to make revisions. Don-2nd. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Deadline of May 10th to turn in completed application.
  • Awards night will be on June 9th.

D. Elections

  • Tracie – President
  • Danielle – Vice President
  • Don – Treasurer
  • Meg & Jenelee – Co-secretaries

E. By-Laws

  • Will be reviewed and revised at a future date.

F. Other Businesses

  • Jenelee made 8 baskets to be raffled off at the Spring fair.
  • Jenelee will put out “Sports equipment” tote for people to donate used equipment.
  • Will discuss donation for St. Brigids at next meeting.

6. Comments & Concerns

7. Adjourn meeting

  • Tracie made a motion to adjourn meeting. 2nd Jenelee. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Meg Dovin and Jenelee Williams