April meeting minutes

CVYAA Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 11,2019

Members present- Danielle Caviness, Nicki Goff, Dave Hare, Greg Rebello, Tom Lonzinski, Don Conning, Jenelee Williams, and Megan Dovin.

  1. Call meeting to order-7:05pm.
  2. Approval of minutes- Danielle motioned to approve minutes. 2Nd – Nicki. Motion-passed.
  3. Guest-Tom Lonzinski-Director of Facilities
    • Introductions and discussion about need and repairs.
  4. Reports of officers & standing committees-

A. Treasury – Don Conning

  • Reviewed report
  • Met with Ken Lass. Will do audit soon.
  • General fund balance- $8,858.90
  • Total Balance – $22,346.18

B. Sports of all Sorts- Meg Dovin

  • Mailing going out this week.
  • Baseball envelopes going out next week.

C. Safety- Danielle Caviness

  • CPR class April 27th.
  • AEDs will be out this weekend.
  1. Unfinished Business
  1. Baseball-Danielle Caviness
  • All new helmets ordered, most helmets were old, outdated, or ear pieces were ripping off.
  • New umpire equipment ordered and will be placed in tote in umpire closet.
  • New boys’ and girls’ instructional rules voted within Susquehanna Little League and distributed to coaches.
  • Field clean-up is this Saturday. We sent out an email for parent and player help. Second date is 4/20/19 for items not completed.
  • We had a used portable pitching mound donated by a local baseball league. We will be sending out a thank you.
  • List of sponsors for the minutes: Wickizer Stone, Tall Pines Players Club, Rock Solid Landscaping, Legg’s Busing, JW Remodeling, T&D Tire, Green Acres, Fraser’s Landscaping, Mountainside Fruit Market, Susquehanna Disposal, Bennett’s Auto, Parks Garage.
  • Idea was brought to us about putting metal siding on dugout. We are getting pricing for that.
  1. Bylaws- Tracie McComb

  • Working on editing.
  1. Chocolate & Wine festival – Danielle Caviness
  • Filled out application and will send check.
  • E-mail for volunteers.
  1. Port-A-Johns-Don Conning
  • 2 here, 1 being ordered for Legg’s.
  1. Soccer Lead-
  • Nicki Goff will be taking over lead for soccer.
  • She will meet with Mindy to coordinate.
  1. Youth Sports Night-Tracie McComb
  • Didn’t work out for this year because of short notice.
  • Will try for next year.
  1. New Business-
  1. Golf- Dave Hare
  • Tall pines & youth program. No commitment for a date yet.
  • Looking to expand program.
  • Youth tournament 2020.
  • 12 sets of clubs. Balls & tees donated.
  • Will send out flyer as soon as more info is available.
  1. Elections-Tracie McComb
  • All board of directors ran unopposed.
  • Everyone re-elected.
  1. Girls’ Basketball – Greg Rebello
  • Uniforms & equipment returned to PTO closet.
  • Money turned in.
  • Coaches returning.
  1. Comments & Concerns-Tracie McComb
  • Thanks to everyone for contributing.
  1. Adjourn meeting –
    • 8:05pm Danielle motioned. Jenelee-2nd. Motion-Passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Meg Dovin, CVYAA Secretary

Jenelee Williams, Assistant Secretary