August meeting minutes


Thursday, August 9,2018

Members present – Tracie McComb, Danielle Caviness, Michael Caviness, Don Conning, Mindy Conning, Meg Dovin, Scotti Pennypacker, Brian Pennypacker, Haley Traver

1. Call to order – 7:11pm

2. Approval of minutes – Danielle made a motion to approve the minutes from the June meeting. 2nd -Mike. Motion passed unanimously.

3. Reports of officers and standing committees

A. Treasury Report- Don

  • Reviewed deposits and payments.
  • Sent check to Hawk Insurance for renewal.
  • Balance in general fund-$2,400
  • Total Balance-$32,023.50

B. Sports of All Sorts – Meg

  • Fundraiser, deposits, and expenses were discussed.
  • Options or changes for the 2018-2019 raffle were discussed. This will be revisited at the September meeting.

C. PTO -Scotti

  • Fundraising and transitioning to Scotti as the new president was discussed

D. Safety Coordinator – Danielle

  • No report

4. Unfinished Business

A. Baseball – Danielle

  • There will be boys and girls fall ball teams.
  • The ballfields need work again.
  • More equipment will be needed for next year.
  • Pictures were taken at Bonanza and framed for Chris McComb. They will be presented at the next schoolboard meeting.
  • Montrose joining our league was discussed again.

B. Golf- Tracie for Renee

  • 14 kids participated but due to the weather, they were only able to golf 3 out of 5 days.
  • No money was spent out of the golf budget.

C. Scholarship-Tracie

  • A thank you note was received from Madelynn Guinane.

5. New Business

A. Soccer-Mindy

  • This is Mindy’s last season as program lead.
  • She is looking for potential leads and coaches.
  • She is sending home a flyer on the first day of school to finalize sign-ups.

B. Community Directory-Tracie

  • CVYAA is listed in the directory with basic information about the organization.

6. Comments and Concerns

  • Coaches needed for basketball will be needed this season.
  • John and Mike will meet with Kyle to hand-out gift cards for volunteering.
  • Promoting CVYAA more on Facebook and Instagram was discussed.

7. Adjourn meeting

  • Tracie made a motion to adjourn meeting. 2nd Don. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jenelee Williams