February meeting minutes

CVYAA/PTO Meeting Minutes-Draft

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Members present-Danielle Caviness, Mike Caviness, Jenelee Williams, Nathan Williams, John Dovin, Meg Dovin, Scotti Pennypacker, Alex Harvilchuck, and Tracie McComb

  1. Call to order– 7:02 pm.
  2. Approval of minutes– Danielle made a motion to approve the minutes from the January meeting. 2nd-Jenelee. Motion passed unanimously.
  3. Reports of officers and standing committees
  1. Treasury Report- Tracie (for Don)
  • The statements did not come in for February yet, so Don will report next month.
  1. Sports of All Sorts- Meg
  • Mailers are going out with ticket applications in them.
  • A line was added on the ticket application for people to write in a student’s name that participates in CVYAA for him/her to receive credit for the ticket sale on the ticket application.
  • Jenelee listed the 2018 goals and updated the “to date” section for our purchases and improvements because of this fundraiser on the CVYAA website.
  • Archery and boys travel basketball participants have received their tickets to sell.
  • On February 24, a table at “Shoot for the Cure” will be set up to get awareness out about the raffle to sell more tickets.
  • The Press and Sun Bulletin will be contacted to inquire about other options for advertising and promoting this fundraiser.
  • June 9, 2018 has been set as a due date to turn in all the tickets.
  • May 19, 2018 is the Chocolate and Wine Festival from 2:30-7:30 where we will have a booth set up to sell tickets.
  1. PTO-Scotti (for Chris Smith)
  • Scotti got in touch with a woman from XNG who wanted a quote for the fencing needed at the fields. Mike Caviness met the fencing company to get the quotes, and they were emailed to the lady at XNG.
  • Gertrude Hawk fundraiser is coming up shortly.
  • The Spring Fair is on April 14.
  • Tracie made a motion to give $200 from CVYAA to PTO for Jenelee to make raffle baskets for the Spring Fair. 2nd Jenelee. Motion passed.
  1. Safety Coordinator-Danielle
  • The AED that is at Neumann Hall will be stored at the school after basketball season.
  1. Unfinished business
  1. Boys Travel Basketball – John/Tracie
  • The fifth-grade tournament is the weekend of the February 17.
  • The sixth-grade tournament is the weekend of February 24.
  • The end-of-the year party for both teams is on February 27.
  • The boys will be given shirts at the end of the year instead of trophies.
  1. Girls Travel Basketball-Tracie (for Erin)
  • Sixth grade team is still undefeated.
  • The girls’ tournaments are the same weekends as the boys.
  • They will have an end of the year party as well.
  1. Saturday Morning Hoops-Tracie
  • There were 43 participants at the first practice.
  • Money will be turned into Don at the next meeting.
  1. Baseball-Danielle
  • 64 kids have signed up so far.
  • A check is needed for Susquehanna County Little League for $775 for dues.
  • Looking into a winter camp/clinic for boys.
  • Local colleges will be contacted to try to get people to donate time to help with clinics.
  • Kevin Nagy is printing the uniforms.
  • The blade is being repaired on the groomer.
  • A freezer was donated to the concession stand by the Geertgens family.
  • The microwave from the PTO room will be used in the concession stand instead of buying another one.
  • There are three sponsors so far for teams.
  • In June there will be another night to attend a Rumble Ponies game.
  • New bats will be purchased for this season.
  1. New Business
  1. Comments and Concerns
  • Tracie renewed the Sam’s Club card.
  • Alex Harvilchuck voiced his concern about playing time.
  • Tracie made a motion to move the March 8 meeting to March 15 due to archery state tournament. 2nd Jenelee. Motion passed unanimously.
  1. Adjourn meeting-Tracie made a motion to adjourn meeting. 2nd Jenelee. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 7:45.