June Meeting Minutes

June Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2019

In attendance: Jenelee Williams, Tracie McComb, Don Conning, Meg Dovin, Danielle Caviness, & Michael Caviness.

1. Call Meeting to order: 7:08pm

2. Approval of minutes: Jenelee- motion. Danielle – 2nd. Motion-passed.

3. Reports of officers & standing committees:

A. Treasury-Don

  • Discussed deposits and expenses.
  • Taxes – $400 to Ken Lass
  • Deposited archery donation. Purchased 8 new archery targets and 10 bow strings with donation funds.
  • Discussed picking up Porta-Johns and leaving one at school field over the summer.
  • General Fund Balance-$6974.18
  • Total balance-$31,305.31

B. Sports of All Sorts-Meg

  • $26,580 raised, $13,300 prize money, $13,280 to CVYAA, $2,714.02 expenses, $150.00 donations, $10,715.98 Profit.
  • Winning ticket numbers listed on CVYAA.com
  • Discussed following options- not to fundraise next year, wait to hear what school board decision is on changing school dynamic. Does our organization continue to exist? Table discussion until August.

C. Safety Coordinator-Danielle

  • Still considering date for CPR class.
  • Moving AED machines to PTO closet.

4. Unfinished Business:

A. Baseball-Danielle

  • 155 Players and parents went to Rumble Ponies.
  • Covering fields after season.
  • Pick- up games for summer in Rush.
  • Teener League had a positive response.
  • Photographer gave back $150.00 to program. Michelle McLauren Photography. 10% of sales went back to CVYAA, also sponsor plaques were donated.

B. Bonanza:

  • Thank you to Jenelee Williams for organizing Bonanza.

5. New Business-Tracie

A. Update contact information for website.

  • Will send out e-mail to families updating info.

B. Thank you

  • Thank you notes were sent QDMA and Montrose Lions for donation.

C. Treasury Reporting

  • Suggestions to change report to streamline it.

6. Comments & Concerns-

  • Elly Rounds taking over as lead for dance program. Judy still teaching.

7. Adjourn Meeting-Tracie

  • Meeting Adjourned at 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Meg Dovin & Jenelee Williams