May meeting minutes.

May Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2019

Members present: Jenelee Williams, Nicki Goff, Tracie McComb, Don Conning, Meg Dovin, Danielle Caviness, & Michael Caviness.

  1. Call Meeting to order: 7:10pm
  2. Approval of minutes: Nicki- motion to approve minutes. Jenelee – 2nd. Motion-passed.
  3. Reports of officers & standing committees:
  1. Treasury-Don
  • Paid for Porta- Johns
  • Deposits for Archery, Basketball, & Baseball

B. Sports of All Sorts- Meg

  • Discussed advertising and ticket sales.
  1. Safety Coordinator- Danielle
  • There is an AED at Girl’s field, Legg’s, & Majors field.
  • Looking into a date to hold CPR class.
  • There are new first aid kits at all fields.

4.Unfinished Business:

A. Archery Donation-Tracie/John

  • QDMA gave a $2074 donation toward new targets & bow strings. Tracie will be sending a thank you.

B. Baseball-Danielle

  • Uniforms were passed out; pictures will be taken soon-may have to rescheduled due to weather.
  • Jenelee & Nate Williams donated tractor to organization.
  • Games have started and teams are doing well.
  • Thank you to everyone for helping with the baseball fields. They look amazing and we appreciate coaches helping and raking the fields after games.
  1. Bonanza-Jenelee
  • Will schedule a date to meet and discuss setup and details for concessions.
  1. Chocolate & Wine festival-Danielle
  • Volunteers have filled positions needed to sell tickets.
  1. Soccer- Nikki
  • New Registration form to go out.
  • New net needed for large goal frame and new balls needed as well.
  • Looking into organizing games with other schools.

5. New Business:

A. Canes for a cause-Jenelee

  • Dandy” in Little Meadows has offered to sell candy canes for $1 for CVYAA. We must provide 501C3 form.

B. Church League using softball field-Mike

  • There are issues with church group leaving the field in poor condition.
  1. Credit Card-Don
  • Discussed putting second name on credit card account, will revisit topic next February.

D. Donation to Newman Hall-Tracie

  • $200 donation to St. Brigid/Newman Hall. Tracie – motion. Danielle – 2nd. Motion-passed.
  1. Mowing at Legg’s Field-Mike
  • Spoke with Corsons about having Kayden mowing the field.
  1. Voting on Scholarships:
  • Decisions need to be made by Thursday, May 16th.
  • June 1st – awards night.

G. Summer meetings-Tracie

  • Next meeting Thursday, June 20th. 7pm.

6. Comments & Concerns

7. Adjourn Meeting-Tracie

  • Meeting Adjourned at 8:35pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Meg Dovin & Jenelee Williams