November meeting minutes

CVYAA Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2019

In Attendance: Megan Dovin, Tracie McComb, Jenelee Williams, Nicki Goff, Haylee Traver, Danielle Caviness, Michael Caviness, Nate Williams, Don Conning

  1. Call meeting to order: 7:03 pm
  2. Approval of minutes: Jenelee – motion to approve Danielle- 2nd Motion-passed.
  3. Reports:

A. Treasury Report-Don

  • Expenses for soccer shirts & baseball uniforms were clarified.
  • Insurance premium went up by $75.00 due to increase in the number of kids participating.
  • Resolved bounced check issue. Family is issuing a new check.
  • Discussed account at Nirchi’s.

B. Safety Coordinator-Danielle

  • AED’s were put away for the winter with batteries removed.
  • First aid kits for basketball are being used and will check on supplies.
  • Looking into coordinating a CPR class before spring.
  • Need clearances for basketball.
  1. Unfinished Business:
  1. Baseball- Danielle
  • JP Reilly donated landscaping cloth for the fields.
  • Net taken down for batting cage.
  • Leftover concession put in PTO closet for archery and basketball.

B. Soccer- Nikki

  • Nets & goals put away for season.
  • Had end of season party and kids had a great season!
  1. CVYAA Night at Binghamton Devils-Tracie
  • Scheduled for Friday, February 21,2020.

D. Travel Basketball-Tracie

  • 7 Kids on boys 5th grade team.
  • 9 Kids on boys 6th grade team.
  • $350 in league dues for boys’ teams and $350 for girls’ teams.
  • Girls have Monday practice at Choconut and Wednesday at Lathrop.
  • Hosting basketball tournament for girls 5th grade. Friday February 7, 2020 at the high school.
  • Purchased balls, books, and supplies from Zappias for travel teams and Saturday Morning Hoops.

E. Archery-Meg

  • Over 60 participants this year. Practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 3-4:45pm.
  • Archery tournament scheduled for Saturday, February 22 in Montrose.

F. Wrestling-Tracie from Wade’s email

  • Sent out registration forms 2nd-6th grade.
  1. Comments & Concerns-Tracie
  • Canes for a Cause, Dandy Mart is selling “Canes” for a fundraiser for CVYAA in Little Meadows.
  • History Artifacts – Discussed folder of historical documents relating to CVYAA as far back as he 1970’s.
  1. Adjourn Meeting- Tracie
  • Danielle -motioned. Jenelee-2nd 7:30pm Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:

Meg Dovin and Jenelee Williams