October meeting minutes


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Members present – Tracie McComb, Danielle Caviness, Meg Dovin, Scotti Pennypacker, Haylee Traver, John Dovin, Karneshia Kuwaye, John Nolt, Greg Rebello, Brian Pennypacker, Larry Micks, Mindy Conning, Don Conning, and Mike Caviness

1. Call to order – 7:02pm

2. Approval of minutes – John made a motion to approve the minutes from the September meeting. 2nd -Mindy. Motion passed unanimously.

3. Reports of officers and standing committees

A. Treasury Report- Don

  • Montrose Septic was paid.
  • Discussed deposits and payments
  • Balance in general fund-$12,347.00
  • Total balance-$27,885.00

B. Sports of All Sorts – Meg

  • We have the small games of chance license.
  • Tickets are ordered.

C. PTO -Scotti

  • PTO created a board-Scotti Pennypacker, Staci Roberts, Jacquie Meehan and Makayla Steele
  • Fundraisers and events were discussed.
  • Book Fair is November 8 and 9

D. Safety Coordinator – Danielle

4. Unfinished Business

A. Baseball – Danielle

  • Discussed girl’s fall ball end of season.
  • Fields are muddy and in need of repair.
  • For a variety of reasons, we staying with the Susquehanna League for one more year.

B. Soccer-Mindy

  • Only had 50% of practices due to weather.
  • Discussed alternative options to lining the fields.
  • Last day is October 22.
  • Looking for new soccer lead for next year.

C. Archery-John

  • Practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting October 30 from 3:00-4:30.
  • Tuesdays 3/4th grade and Thursdays 5/6th grade
  • Starting in January, practices will be held on Sundays for students who qualify for states.
  • Looking for volunteers to help with set-up and concessions.
  • February 16 will be Shoot for the Cure tournament with a snow date of February 23.

D. Insurance about Lawnmower-Tracie

  • We are covered to use the school’s mower.
  • We will contribute to maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Discussed pre-use inspection.

5. New Business

A. Boys Travel Basketball-John

  • Mailer going out next week.
  • October 25 parent meeting
  • Practices will be held every Tuesday and Thursday after archery at Choconut.
  • October 30 will be the first practice
  • Payment is due to the League.
  • John Dovin is coaching the 5th grade and Brett Flynn is coaching the 6th grade.

B. Girls Travel Basketball-Greg

  • Mailer going out next week.
  • Practices will be held every Monday and Wednesday at Choconut.
  • Payment is due to the League.
  • Jason Legg is coaching the 5th grade and Greg Rebello is coaching the 6th grade.

C. Form for Families-Tracie

  • A form is going home to families with information about CVYAA.

D. Halloween Booth-Silver Lake Community Park-Tracie

  • CVYAA was asked to set up a booth again on October 27
  • Looking for volunteers for the booth.
  • CVYAA will donate the candy.

6. Comments and Concerns-Tracie

  • Let Tracie know if you want to be added to the distribution list.
  • An email was sent to Tracie asking to help consider donating to Barbara Legg to help with funeral expenses for her son, Maverick.
  • Don made a motion to donate $500 to Barbara Legg to help with Maverick Legg’s funeral expenses. 2nd -Scotti. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Due to parent conferences, the next meeting will be on Thursday, November 15, 2018.
  • Discussed having Porta-johns picked up.

7. Adjourn meeting

  • Tracie made a motion to adjourn meeting. 2nd John. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Meg Dovin