September meeting minutes


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Members present – Tracie McComb, Danielle Caviness, Meg Dovin, Scotti Pennypacker, Haylee Traver, John Dovin, Karneshia Kuwaye, Diana Hicks, Jenelee Williams, Thad Corson, Nicole Fearnley, Stacey Roberts

1. Call to order – 7:05pm

2. Approval of minutes – Danielle made a motion to approve the minutes from the June meeting. 2nd -Scotti. Motion passed unanimously.

3. Reports of officers and standing committees

A. Treasury Report- Don (via Tracie)

  • Checks for Meg (SOAS) & Danielle (Baseball) were given.
  • Adjustments made to June & July reports for SOAS & Baseball.
  • Motion to move money from SOAS to general fund of $13,000 leaving $3,874.96 in SOAS. Tracie-motion John-second. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Bill for mowing for Corson boys $240.00

B. Sports of All Sorts – Meg

  • Price & Quantity for SOAS were discussed
  • Tickets: $20 Tracie-motion Jenelee-second. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Tickets: 1,500 John-motion Stacie- second. Motion passed.
  • Date: June 8, 2019 Tracie-motion Jenelee-second. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Time: 12:00pm Tracie-motion Danielle-second. Motion passed unanimously.

C. PTO -Scotti

  • Changes to Halloween Spooktackular- No trunk or treat, just party (a week before Halloween)
  • Ice Cream party rewarded to 1 class per grade with box top fundraiser.
  • PTO board- hoping to create a group of people to run program and delegate responsibilities.
  • Creating Facebook page for PTO.
  • Save around fundraiser coming soon.

D. Safety Coordinator – Danielle

  • AED & 1st aid kit in pavilion will be brought into school when temperatures turn cold.

4. Unfinished Business

A. Baseball – Danielle

  • 1 girl’s fall ball team.
  • Facebook page started for Baseball & Softball.
  • Meeting with Montrose to consider joining Choconut.
  • Looking into girls’ instructional teams.
  • Registration in January.

B. Soccer

  • At least 75 kids signed up.
  • Concession stand volunteers-going well.
  • Looking for new soccer lead for next year.

5. New Business

A. Insurance about Lawnmower-Tracie

  • Mike spoke with Chris Tripp about using school mower.
  • Need to be covered by CVYAA insurance to use it. Will have Don find out.

B. Archery-Tracie

  • Mr. McComb stepping down after 12 years of running the archery program.
  • John Dovin will take over as lead.
  • Need Volunteers & training for new volunteers.

6. Comments and Concerns

  • Thank you from Samantha Gurn for scholarship.
  • Looking into playground areas of concern that may need to be fixed.

7. Adjourn meeting

  • Tracie made a motion to adjourn meeting. 2nd John. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned 9:18 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jenelee Williams