Baseball Contact:
Danielle and Michael Caviness


  • We have over 100 boys and girls involved each year, ranging in age from 4-12.
  • There are 10-12 teams across the age brackets.
  • We have Tee Ball, Instructional, Minor and Major age teams.


  • We are part of the Susquehanna County Little League.
  • The other teams in the league with us are from Rush, Auburn and Springville.
  • We also play games outside of our league with Montrose, Blue Ridge and Susquehanna.


Field Cleanup

  • This is usually done the first or second week of April.
  • It is an opportunity for us to come together to make the fields our children play on look the best in our league.
  • The support of the parents is critical for this as everyone can help in one way or another.


  • Teams from all over the county are invited to come play at the Choconut School in late spring.
  • This is one of baseball and softball’s biggest fundraisers for the year.
  • We have raffles and games for the children, along with other activities at the bonanza.
  • All teams play in Choconut that day so over 200 children (including the visiting teams) play that day.
  • This day cannot be a success without the support of all the parents.

Night out at the Rumble Ponies

The Choconut Little League was able to spend a night with the local double A team the “Rumble Ponies”. The Kids were able to be honored on the field.

Team Sponsors

Our 2017 sponsors where are:

  • Aukema Construction
  • Bennett’s Garage
  • Bridgewater Church
  • Kick Start Cafe
  • Legg’s Busing
  • Mountainside Fruit Market
  • Ona’s This & That Shop
  • Park’s Garage
  • Rock Solid Landscaping
  • Susquehanna Disposal
  • Tall Pines Players Club
  • Wood remodeling

These sponsors pay for uniforms the children wear and their support year after year is key to our success. Without them we would not be able to provide each child with a hat and shirt as a uniform.

Banner Sponsors

Local Business who were unable to sponsor a team, were able to purchase banners. These banners where placed at the fields and proceeds went to field improvements and equipment.


  • The coaches of the teams are all volunteers.
  • They take this time out of their busy lives to teach our children the skills of the sport and important life lessons such as teamwork and supporting each other.
  • These individuals spend many hours with the children and also need the support of the rest of the parents to make this the best experience for the children.

Team Moms

The team moms make sure there is concession stand workers for each home game. They are also the focal point for the team in assisting the coach.


  • We play games on 3 fields at the Choconut School and a Tee Ball and Instructional field (Legg’s Field).
  • These fields are maintained by the coaches and other volunteers before and after games

The materials needed to maintain the fields (such as dirt, field line, salt, rakes, shovels, mowers, etc) are all funded by CVYAA. We have the best fields in our league which has been commented on by many other teams.

Upcoming goals for 2018 season:

  • Little League has a new bat requirement for coach pitch, minor, and major boys. We will have to purchase new bats for the teams at a cost of $50-100/bat.
  • New permanent pitching rubbers for both minor and major girls field
  • Upgrades to Field 2 including diamond dirt, extend fence down base lines, and new bases.
  • Line painters

Wish list items:

  • New bases for all fields
  • Electronic score board
  • New fence at Leggs Field
  • Temporary fence for the girls’ softball field
  • Equipment shed for Legg’s field

Recent Investments:

  • Diamond Dirt” to make the playing surface of the current fields even better in poor weather
  • Each year we also make modest investments in replacement equipment for the children to make sure they have good condition equipment to make sure they are safe
  • There have also been clinics (pitching & catching) held for the girls’ softball teams.
  • Backstop covers per Little League regulations
  • Electric to the concession stand
  • Pitching/batting cage





  • Directions to ball fields (click on link)